Saturday, September 30, 2006


The storm yesterday was quite a doozy, considering it brought down several billboards around the metro, flooded dozens of homes and left the well-lit metro struggling to find its way in the darkness.

My house and its fauna have been subject to some amazing changes, with 4 trees uprooted and blocking our entry way from the gate. More amazing is the huge tree blocking the gate from the outside.

Ok, from our view inside it looks like that abandoned garden from great expectations. Either that or some weird portion of the island from LOST. Suffice to say that classes and work have been suspended due to this catastrope...but then again, with all the power out, who wants to stay at home?

To keep myself from going out (Starbucks was full, as well as other stores who decided to stay open despite all this), i bonded with my housemates, who, like me, hated the fact that the storm just plain made everything boring. With cards, available stereos and boardgames on hand, we managed to go through the day without killing ourselves (or anybody in the house for that matter). (will post pics of the storm later).

Well, i'd never thought i'd be glad to get to work. But i am. With the major damage brought about by the recent storm, i must say being in a well-lit room with (almost) all the necesities one needs is such a welcome sight after experiencing a day without electricity, telephone line and food (yeah, i don't eat at home). So the weekend lies ahead, hopefully by the time saturday comes in there will be electricity. Oh joy.

Mother Nature sure does know how to get our attention :-)


Peanutbrittle Diaries said...

hi lette!! balita nga sa NY Times ang Pinas dahil sa bagyo! I'm glad to know you are ok naman.
miss ya!!!!

wanderlust junkie said...

hey hazel!!! i miss you too!!! uy punta kao ng east coast sa jan sana magkita tayo hehehhe ;-) cheers!!!

hlF said...

dahil ang japan ay isang vortex, halos wala akong nabalitaan tungkol sa bagyo. but im glad you're okay lette~! hows the gang? buti ka pa punta ka ulit US! cant get a frigging VISA so im thinking of attending a conference in florida...

wanderlust junkie said...

wow kelan yung conference?? i heard mag-australia ka raw?? asteeg! gday mate! heheh -lette

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